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This week, I have been mostly playing…

…with balls on sticks. By which I mean, glowing balls on sticks. Like these: 🙂 Although I got a PSVR headset on release day, I was a bit slow in snapping up a pair of Move controllers to go with … Continue reading

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Games played: September

A bit of a quiet month this one, with only a single trip to Newcastle Gamers, and an awful lot of solo gaming. Having clocked up quite a few plays of the new “art box” edition of Onirim in August, … Continue reading

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King of frontier

The King of Frontier arrived in the post this morning. I’ve been keen to acquire a copy of this ever since Tony Boydell started making frequent references to it in his BGG blog, but — despite scouring + other … Continue reading

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“Previously on John’s bit of the web….”

So, last season’s cliffhanger left me wondering what, exactly, I should do to get my MAME cabinet back into prime working condition? I’d swapped out enough of the hardware to make an O/S re-install mandatory… and that left me with … Continue reading

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Back on the horse…

Well, that was a bit of an unexpected hiatus, wasn’t it? Stuff happened. Blogging took a back-seat for a bit. Hopefully, that’s all over now, and I’ll find time to write a bit more. Hopefully 😉

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