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Newcastle Gamers, 9th February

The power of the written word is indeed mighty! So mighty, in fact, that when I recently wrote that I still hadn’t managed to play the hot-new-thing-of-this-time-last-year — Eclipse — Olly promptly offered to fix that for me at the … Continue reading

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Guilty Gaming Pleasures: Space Hulk Death Angel

“So I do a bit of ameritrash. It’s OK. I can handle it”… It’s Richard Ham’s fault. He makes a series of boardgame videos, which I enjoy watching. To be honest, they’re a bit longer than I’d prefer, and the … Continue reading

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Video Frenzy

I’ve been on a video-editing binge over the last couple of days… mostly because I’ve had about 50 gig of footage sitting on my main drive — taunting me — for the last 6 months or so … and also … Continue reading

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