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Game On 2.0

Whilst tidying up my blog, I discovered an old draft post from November 2015, written following my visit to the Game On 2.0 exhibition at Newcastle Centre for Life. I guess I got distracted by other things and never got … Continue reading

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NERG 2016

This weekend saw the 4th annual North East Retro-Gamers event in Gateshead (NERG for short) — basically an excuse for fans of retrogaming to gather in a very big room for 2 days, play old games, and buy gaming memorabilia … Continue reading

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“Previously on John’s bit of the web….”

So, last season’s cliffhanger left me wondering what, exactly, I should do to get my MAME cabinet back into prime working condition? I’d swapped out enough of the hardware to make an O/S re-install mandatory… and that left me with … Continue reading

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