ADP Riot Tour

Jimmy Cauty’s Aftermath Dislocation Principle has arrived in Newcastle…

I’ve been excited to see this since our last encounter with Jimmy and his model village, under a railway arch in London, back in January. At the time, Jimmy mentioned that he’d had an idea to fit the whole work into a shipping container, drill some peep-holes in the sides, and take it to Liverpool for an exhibition. After our chat, the project evolved into a full-scale tour of 36 “historic riot sites” around the UK… including Newcastle upon Tyne.

The work is quite different, now that it’s housed in the shipping container. There was a a funny narrative going on in its model village incarnation; the inhabitants of the ADP seemed to have figured out that they were trapped in a model village – you could see them looking over the edge of the table in places; even practising their golf drive into the void at one spot. The new world of the ADP doesn’t have edges — only walls. The giant pyramid that the policemen were building (New Bedford) and connecting suspension bridge have been removed… and the peep holes and views are less well curated than they were in the model village (apparently they just had to guess where to drill them into the shipping container!).

Although the model itself is a bit less impressive, the container itself is fascinating — it’s picked up lots of graffiti, stickers, and urban art on its journey around the UK. Some of it KLF-related … other bits quite reflective and philosophical.

I thought it would be cool to add something — a burning riot invader. It’ll be interesting to see if it follows the tour all the way to the ADPs final destination: The Garden of Eden, Bedford. I’ll be keeping my eye on social media 🙂

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