Tabletop Day

Next Saturday (the 30th March) has been declared International Tabletop Day… a day to turn off your TV, put aside your videogames, and to go and play some real-world, face-to-face tabletop games with friends, family, or anybody else who you can cajole into playing with you. OK… they maybe didn’t pick the best possible day to hold the event (in the middle of the long Easter weekend AND the day that the new run of Doctor Who premiers) … but, lets face it; Easter is already 99% certain to be a complete wash out weather-wise. And anything that promotes playing tabletop games is a good thing in my book 🙂

I’ll be at Christ Church Hall, Shieldfield, Newcastle, from 10am until … well, pretty late at night … with a big bag of modern, grown-up board games and a bunch of like-minded game fans. If you fancy having a go, do join us. You can RSVP to our event listing via Google+, or just turn up on the day. It’s all good. And if you’re nowhere near Newcastle, there’ll be similar events all over the world. Albeit not quite as awesome as ours. Obviously.

Half-convinced? Here’s some hard-sell from Felicia Day…

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