Random Things of Recent Interest

(1) Microgravity Yo-Yo tricks.

This is excellent. And makes me want to dig out my old yo yo.

(2) Molerabilia

Adam mole, erstwhile keyboardist of Pop Will Eat Itself, auctions off a bunch of stuff in an attempt to pay for a vintage caravan. The anecdotes attached to each item are priceless. Especially if you’re a closet (or not-so-closet) PWEI fan.

(3) Spektrmodule Twelve

Season Two of Spektrmodule has arrived, courtesy of the mighty Warren Ellis. Perfect mood music for overcast, rainy days, when you’re trying to work.

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2 Responses to Random Things of Recent Interest

  1. (Different) John says:

    Ooh, an Akai S1100! If I turn my head to the left, I can see from my seat here an Akai S950. I keep thinking that since I never use it any more I may as well get rid of it but nostalgia stops me from doing that. It’s now just like part of the furniture. And almost as big!

    • Shep says:

      An S950??! …Coo, I’m impressed! 🙂

      Oddly enough, I have some Akai hardware just a few feet away from my computer too. It is entirely possible that this bit of gear was ever-so-slightly cheaper than an S950 though *cough* 🙂


      As to why I have a pile of keyboards in the corner of my office, when I can’t actually play keyboards… well, that’s a mystery for another day.

      (Actually, I’m not even 100% sure myself…)

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