Thing of the week: Television

Did I mention that I’d made a TV show? 🙂

A couple of months ago, I was contacted by The Community Channel, a UK freeview/satellite TV broadcaster. They’d seen the footage I’d filmed and edited for the Calendar Customs YouTube channel, and were interested in acquiring the rights to use some of my material in an “olympic alternative” documentary that they’d be showing throughout August.

One thing led to another, and a 40-minute documentary — “A Very British Games” — was the result. With the exception of a 1-minute flyover of the Olympic Park near the start, the entire show was filmed (and the vast majority edited) by yours truly. The Community Channel added their own titles and commentary, decided which items to include, and topped-and-tailed the segments to fit… but otherwise it’s all my work!

Here’s the intro sequence. The Community Channel might have reserved the right to put the whole thing online at some point, so it’s probably not prudent of me to post any more than this for now:

Considering the fact that I’ve never had any formal (or informal!) training in filming or editing things, I’m chuffed to bits that somebody (a) wanted to use my stuff on television, and (b) thought my original editing was broadcast-worthy and didn’t need any changes (I sent all my source footage, just in case they wanted to do a “better” job on it, but they stuck with my ‘original’ edits throughout). Just goes to show what you can achieve with a cheap camcorder and a copy of iMovie! 🙂

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