Thing of the week: Agricola, All Creatures Big And Small

This week, I got a copy of the new Uwe Rosenberg game, “Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small”. It’s a new 2-player spin-off from “Agricola”, which is pretty much my favourite board game of all time. It’s a neat game, and I’m fairly impressed by it. So much so, that I was inspired to make a short video for the Board Game Geek site…

I much prefer being behind a camera, rather than in front of it… so — fortunately — you’re spared any footage of me gurning out of your screen. I do talk a fair bit though. I’m always a bit surprised by the sound of my own voice… so far, the video has resulted in 3 different e-mails from people fascinated by my accent(!)

It’s maybe a bit dry for anybody who isn’t obsessively interested in the minutia of new board games, but it seems to be generating lots of positive feedback on its BGG page. Which is nice 🙂

Amazingly, this upload was the first time that I’ve run afoul of YouTube’s copyright moderation team. In the past, I’ve uploaded umpteen gig / promo videos (while acting on the behalf of the artists involved, but YouTube had no way of knowing this), and a lot of the stuff I upload for Averil’s site has morris dancing etc going on in the background which — lets face it — it’s highly unlikely I went and secured the mechanical rights for. Yet, for some reason, this ends up being the one video that YouTube’s people won’t let me monetize with adsense. Weird.

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