Thing of the week: Bride of Pinbot

Farsight’s Pinball Arcade has quickly become my favourite video game release of the year, and this week they released the first monthly DLC pack: Bride of Pinbot and Medieval Madness.

Bride of Pinbot brings back happy memories… the real table used to be installed in Newcastle Poly student’s union, circa 1991/92. It always seemed like a slightly odd choice for a “right-on” venue like the SU, with it’s somewhat-misogynistic mecha-sexdoll stylings, orgasmic cries of “Yes! YESSS!!!” and flashing robot nipples whenever you made a vaguely-favourable shot… but the game was amazingly well-designed, and completely addictive.

It’s one of my all-time favourite pinball machines… It’s brilliant to be able to play this again! 🙂

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