March Travels

In March we visited the Kiplingcotes Derby, reputedly the oldest horse race in England, which is run through a course of country lanes in East Yorkshire. It was a spectacularly foggy day — even by Yorkshire standards — which made it really difficult to film the horses coming in, as we’d been standing waiting in the cold fog for about 90 minutes before they suddenly appeared pretty much out of nowhere…

Nicki Campbell (of pop-band-managing/tv-presenting fame) was there, filming for an Episode of Escape to the Country. I “borrowed” one of their links for my video. Well, we were all on a public highway, and they never asked permission to film me, so I figure it’s a fair swap.

Other outings included a trip to Jedburgh, to see the traditional Ba’ game … though the footage from that one is still sitting on my Camera. I did, however, finally get around to downloading/editing our February foray to Atherstone Shrove Tuesday Football..

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