Haxey Hood

My first vid of the new year, showing the 700-year old tradition of “Haxey Hood”…

Quite pleased with this one; I’ve always found these mass football games to be a bit difficult to film, since you usually can’t really see very much of anything at ground level. However, my new monopod doubles up very nicely as an overhead camera boom, and the camera’s motion-sensitive optics seem to do an excellent job of cancelling out any wobble from abusing it this way… Hence, lots of high level shots when the main action kicks off from 2:55 🙂

Had to render the final movie twice, after I noticed I’d titled it “2011” instead of “2012”… oops! I still can’t quite get over just how futuristic the number “2012” looks. We’re definitely living in the future now.

The event was surprisingly well attended, as these things go… especially considering it was on a work/school day. There was a pro film crew present, seemingly recording something british-customs related presented by the Unthanks… we managed to lurk conspicuously in the background during an interview or two 😉

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