Back where I started…

So, after a few months flirtation with Tumblr and Posterous… I decided to go back to a plain, vanilla WordPress blog. While I liked the style-heavy categorization + brevity of the microblog format (especially Tumblr), I always got a lurking sense of your-site-is-not-your-own with those services, due to the annoying translucent overlays + branding that they’d drop onto your pages from time to time (c.f. the current banner for Japan Tsunami relief appearing on all posterous sites)… plus they weren’t quite as convenient/pleasant to post messages to as a wordpress installation is. The fact that my posterous items seemed to clock up thousands(?!) of reads was good for my ego… but, I think I’m altogether happier when I’m in full control of every minute detail. Just call me a control freak 😉

The good news is, I’ve now discovered the wooTumblog plug-in, which adds some very tumblr-like features to your wordpress theme… so hopefully I’ve now got the best of both worlds…

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