Thing of the week: Crossing the Divide

It occurred to me that I haven’t seen any activity from VNV Nation in my facebook feed for a while… so I tried typing their name into the FB searchbox, and accessing their profile the old-fashioned way. Imagine my surprise to discover that (a) they’ve posted loads of updates that I haven’t seen, and (b) they put out a free downloadable EP a couple of months ago that I didn’t even know about!

I guess this is an important lesson in the matter of relying on intelligent agents to curate your newsfeed for you – and PARTICULARLY on the matter of getting complacent about intelligent agents that are controlled by big orations with commercial interests at heart. I guess that because I haven’t explicitly liked/commented on any VNV posts for the last year or so, Facebook’s Edgerank system has decided that I’m not very interested in reading news from them any more (untrue!)… and because VNV aren’t paying the “exposure tax” that Facebook now levies every time you attempt to post a message to your fans, there’s no guarantee that everybody who has expressed an interest in their band will actually see what they’re saying.

Which is all rather annoying. The only thing that’s worse than being totally uninformed about something is *thinking* that you’re informed about something when you’re actually not.

Anyway, ranting aside, the EP comprises remixes of tracks from the last-album-but-one – “Of Faith, Power and Glory” … but, oddly, they seem to have selected all my least-favourite tracks from the album to re-work… and the results are a bit variable. However, I’m really enjoying the Nomenklatur remix of Ghost… I really didn’t care for the original version of that track at all, but this version sounds decidedly Ladytron-ish to my ear. Or.. like Ladytron would sound if they happened to be fronted by a grumpy fat Irish bloke. I like it.

…and, let’s face it… unexpectedly getting 6 new tracks from one of your favourite bands is always a nice thing, irrespective of the circumstances 🙂

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